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"The Chris Boniol kicking camp has been a popular summer program at Wesley for a number of years. Wesley College teams have been national collegiate powerhouses in recent years with outstanding kicking games—something I attribute to our association with this first class program. Likewise, successful high school programs from throughout the state and region utilize our facilities while learning the fine art of kicking from one of the NFL’s record holders."

Dr. Scott Miller
Wesley College President

"As a performance consultant, I find the Chris Boniol Developmental Camp a valuable resource for athletes at all levels. The camp's structure most certainly strengthens each athlete's mental, physical, and technical skills for the sought after competitive edge - with immediate results! Kickers leave the camp better prepared to pursue their dreams and goals with renewed enthusiasm. Without a doubt, this camp is THE premier kicking camp in the U.S. today. I was pleased to participate with such an outstanding staff and leader in Chris Boniol.”

Dr. John Paul Muczko
Sports Psychologist

“My son learned more in three hours of instruction than he learned in three years of kicking. The impact on form, distance, and accuracy were immediate. My son reaps the benefits of Chris’ expertise every day. Chris is a great communicator and an outstanding teacher. He inspires his students to excellence. I would highly recommend him to anyone who wants to improve.”

Dr. David M. Szymanski

“Chris Boniol is a true professional… Any prospect fortunate enough to work with Chris will see his skills improve dramatically!”

John Harbaugh
Special Teams Coach
Philadelphia Eagles

"This camp has been one of the best experiences I have had in a long time….this was a refreshing experience. I had been to other college camp before, but they could not compare to the experience I have had. Dr. Muczko has helped me in leaps and bounds. When I came here, I was not a very confidant person. However, after our session… I WILL BECOME A CONFIDANT KICKER! Thanks a lot Chris andn Doc."

Sean Comiskey
University of Louisiana Lafayette Rajin Cajun’s Kicker
1st Team All-Conference

"This camp means so much to me because there is so much to kicking that I was not aware of until now. Dr. Muczko gave me an edge. There is something about Chris being a great kicker, coach, and person that reflects on me and I feel better about kicking."

Evan Granier
Lambuth University Kicker

"This was a very good camp. The session with Dr. Muczko was the most helpful. I enjoyed how this camp was different than other camps. Other camps are all kicking while this was more mental and supplemental development."

Danny Horwedel
Louisiana Tech University Kicker

"I honestly enjoyed every aspect of this camp. This being my second year, I realized how much I learned and put to use the information from the year before. My game, personality, and diet improved. Chris and his staff are true professionals!"

Eric Petters
East Stroudsburg University

"I will remember this camp as being one of the best kicking/punting camp I have been to so far."

Will Short
Hargrave Military Academy

"Staff is very helpful and constantly gives advice and technical help to all campers. Knowledge is given out in detail…. great care is given to the health of the kickers…reps were kept to a limited number and athletic training facilities were available."

Gene Martin

"The information given campers seems never ending! Dr. Muczko helped me tremendously. I will use the information he gave me the rest of my career."

Spencer Martin
Freeport, FL

"I really enjoyed the mental aspect of camp. After talking about focus and concentration, I feel more confident as a kicker."

Elijah Beckel
Camden, DE

"I like the fact that there is very few campers compared to most camps. I also liked the area, campus, and food!"

Thomas Trexler
Wilmington, NC

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