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The Camp Itinerary is set up to keep kickers in small groups to maximize the quality of instruction on and off the field. Kicking is in the mornings and Punting in the afternoons. There will be a "Free Kick" night under the stadium lights to allow work, play, or friendly competition.

The afternoon Kick Specific Training Sessions are set up so that each small group has rest time between the kicking and training sessions. The focus of the small group training sessions is to learn an alternative and supplemental training program to assist in the player's development once camp is over. This training program focuses on strengthening every part of the kicking motion by using rubber tubing, physio-exercise balls, medicine balls, and basic dumbbells.

Each player will meet individually with Dr. John P. Muczko (click his name to view bio). These individual sessions are scheduled around each player's kicking and training schedule. Players can expect Dr. Muczko to help them enhance and improve their mental skills through increased focus and concentration. He has worked with many kinds of professional and amateur athletes. The NFL kickers that he has taken as clients have more than 20 combined years of NFL experience.

Click on the "Sample Itinerary" below for a list of topics to be covered in nightly meetings of each camp. The classroom sessions are essential to developing a more advanced and complete "Performance Plan."

Sample Itinerary
Dr. John Muczko
What to Bring

Development Camp--University of Texas @ Arlington (Dallas, TX)

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